About COAH

COAH is an online platform that exists to serve the Church.

How? Through giving Christian brands, businesses and ministries a place to be discovered and supported.

What does that mean? Brands are able to sell their products on COAH and you're able to buy them. You could say it's a Christian marketplace. We didn't say it, you did.

You and I, the Church, can now go to one place, find many Christian brands and ministries, and sow into the Kingdom as we shop, knowing anything we buy is rooted in Jesus, whether it's a sweatshirt, candle or bag of coffee, it's made by someone who loves Jesus!

Imagine, you see a t-shirt you like and as you purchase it you realise, that's money into the pocket of another family member of His glorious Body. You just gave to a brother or sister and helped resource the Kingdom while getting something you wanted, that's a win, win.

COAH is simply a one-stop-shop for the Church to discover and buy Christian apparel, lifestyle goods and more.

Who are we? We're simple folks trying to love the Lord, obey Him and live lives worthy of the call, pleasing to Him as best we can. We are followers of Jesus, with a heart to see the world transformed by the Gospel. We are creative thinkers, looking for every avenue to draw attention to Him. We are fellow members of the Body of Christ, on a heavenly mission in this world to be the City On A Hill - COAH, which cannot (and must not) be hidden.

We love the Gospel. If Christian apparel can help start conversations about Jesus, we are all for it!

We love the ministries and brands who are part of the COAH family, and want to see them blessed in all that they do.

Convenience for customers. COAH serves customers in a unique way that has not been possible in the past.

We love to connect with you, please do reach out if you'd like to chat.